Monday, March 10, 2014

The Power of Chromebooks - Advanced

Chromebooks are slowly, but surely integrating into schools around the world. One fantastic idea, but one that requires someone willing to write code is the Chrome Kiosk App.  

 "Kiosk apps allow an admin to run a single app in fullscreen mode on a Chrome device. They are useful for environments that require a user to interact with a single application such as assessments/student testing, guest check-in stations, help desk, manufacturing kiosk, and digital signage in airports and retail stores."

It's fairly straightforward to create your own Chrome App. The Chrome Kiosk App works with any chrome app, as long as the Kiosk Mode is enabled. You could customize your app to direct the user to a Google Form running in Kiosk Mode that could be used as an assessment for students. The app would run in firescreen mode to make it difficult to click on anything else but the app, until the app is closed. 

Within the GAFE (Google Apps For Education) admin panel, the chrome kiosk app can be turned on and loaded for a custom instance. This would allow the creator to make their own chrome app that is specific to the assessment they want hosted, load it into the domain chrome store, and push it out to the appropriate devices from the admin panel. To turn this option on from the admin side, go to
Device Management>chrome>Device Settings
Look for the Kiosk Settings option. 

Here is a zipped package of the files needed to create your own Kiosk App.If you don't trust mine, you can go here and make your own. 

 Here is a zipped package of a basic chrome app. Again, if you don't trust mine, you can create your own here. 

Write your codes, write them well, and put them to good use, like a custom secured assessment on the schools chromebook. 

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