Monday, March 17, 2014

Search Google Drive from Chrome Address Bar

Just to clarify, the address bar, aka Omnibox is the place at the top of your browser where you enter a URL. Most browsers have a built in search engine of some flavor as a default search. In chrome, for most OS's, it's Google. Have you ever wanted or needed to quickly search your Google drive for a document? Here is how to add a "search Google drive" option from the Omnibox.

These directions are for Chrome.

1) right click the Omnibox, and select "Edit Search Engine."

2) Scroll down in the pop up window

Find the add new option.

3) In the first box, type a unique name, for example "Drive Search"
4) In the next box, type in a combination of letters to trigger the search. I use "dri"
5) then paste this in the url

6) click Done.

Then test it out. Open a new tab, type the letters dri then hit the space bar. It change to a unique search engine. Then type the name of the doc you are looking for and watch Google search your drive for you.

Here is a quick tutorial.

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