Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Google Doc Add-ons Highlighting

     One very useful tool in the Add-Ons options in Google docs is the app called "Text Help Study Skills." The app allows you to highlight a document, then clip the highlights into a new document for note taking purposes.

  I plan to try this out with some students today. We will use the tool for a 'during' reading activity, and use their highlights for a 'after' reading activity. Students can highlight key components and gather their highlights into a new document to use as notes. The only downside is to be able to highlight and mark up the document has to be in the Google Docs format. It will not work with .pdf, .doc, or any other file directly uploaded and not converted. If you have pdf's that you want to try this with, you can convert them into a text format using the CloudConvert app in Google Drive.

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