Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Google Presentations New Feature

     Google has been making a lot of changes recently to many of their apps. One really useful addition for education is the ability to crop images directly in a presentation. Prior to this addition, users would have to use Pixlr,  GIMP or some other third party tool to adjust their images prior to adding them. Pixlr and  GIMlP are still amazing tools, and are very useful, but Google has made it easier for students quickly take an image and adjust it to fit appropriately on their presentation.

     It's very easy to use the function.

  • Add a picture as you typically would in a presentation 
  •  Either, double click the image to invoke the "crop" tool, 
    • or you select Format > Crop Image

     This feature has great potential to allow students and the general user to be able to add more workable images to support the presentation. 

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