Friday, March 21, 2014

Fusion Tables

    Being a science teacher, it is a necessity to teach students how to collect, manipulate, analyze and arrive at conclusions of various data sets. Google Fusion Tables are a fantastic tool to help ease the process of data management, as well as data analysis. Typically, data management has been monopolized by Microsoft Excel. While this program is useful, and offers a wide range of options for manipulation, many of the steps needed to create useful tables, and graphs are tedious to program and difficult to teach. Google Fusion Tables makes this entire process much easier.

    Embedded below is a massive data set that my 9th grade Earth Science students worked collaboratively to create. They gathered local weather data for their town over the past two months and created various charts and tables to use as reference to describe trends and describe how temperature, air pressure and humidity are related. The entire fusion table can be accessed here. 

    If you require students to manipulate various sets of data, try using . Google Fusion Tables, it makes life much easier.

(If the embedded charts fail to load, click the shield icon in the address bar, and select "load unsafe script")

This is the data students started with.

Students reorganized the data into a nice table like this one.

Finally, students made this chart to try and see the relationship between these three variables.

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