Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Speech to Text App

Sometimes it is a challenge to make technology accessible to all students. However, the availability of useful and appropriate apps is on the rise. I discovered this really cool chrome app today called VoiceNote. The goal is to translate translate speech to text. For a free app, it works pretty well, you do need to speak clearly for the tool to pick up your voice accurately, sometimes when you pause with your speech it will stop recording. But, for a free tool, that is web based, it works well.

It is simple enough to hit record again if need be, and the app offers some quick editing tools to allow you to put in appropriate punctuation and fix any translation mistakes that might occur. It is a nice tool to allow students to translate speech to text with ease. Once your text is edited the way you would like it, you can quickly copy and paste to a Google Doc or other word processing tool, like LibreOffice.

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