Monday, March 10, 2014

Move A Google Doc To A Folder

If you were to walk into my classroom, you would most likely freeze in shock and horror at the presumable "mess" that clutters the room. To my defense, that "mess" is STEM in action. Students are usually creating some kind of apparatus, project, experiment, model, or demonstration that turns a typical organized classroom into a scene from that show Hoarders. As cluttered as it may seem, I'm very particular about the organization of my Google Drive, and how students share items with me. Recently I've had students, and teachers complain that organizing documents into folders is tedious, because the main Drive page is cluttered with too many docs. 

I just assumed that everyone knew that you could drop your doc into a folder from within the doc. Well, you know what they say when you "assume"...

Here is how to organize your new document into a folder from within the doc. 

  1. Open Google Drive
  2. Create a document
  3. Name your document
  4. Click the Folder icon next to the name
  5. Move it to the appropriate folder. 

So what if you are super organized and want to put your document into a folder from the start? The best way is to open the folder you want the document to go into, them push the create button. Alternatively you could click the down arrow next to your folder and select create from the popup menu. 
Good luck and stay organized. 

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