Saturday, April 12, 2014

Transparent Background on Google Presentation Images

Students are always looking for ways to add pictures into projects. Many times they grab an image from Google that's labeled for reuse, but the background scheme doesn't' match their project. Sometimes, it's bad enough to be a distraction. I discovered a great tool called Clippingmagic that can solve this problem.  The tool allows you to upload a photo and remove the background with a few simple steps.

Here is an image I borrowed  from a text book that I experimented with.

As you can see, there is a gross gray/blue background.

It is not all that distracting, but wouldn't it look better without that off center, off white block behind it?  I headed over to Clippingmagic, uploaded the previous photo, and within a few quick selections I converted the image into one with a transparent background. It's hard to really notice much difference besides the background. However, the background is transparent. Which means, if I were making a Google Presentation on DNA and needed a photo to fit into the theme of choice, the transparent background would fit anywhere. 

Here are some fairly hideous Google presentation themes with both images added. The one with the transparent background fits into any scheme and is much more pleasant on the eye, where the one with the gray/blue background, is annoyingly there, and is somewhat, in the way.

Here is an example from Clippingmagic's website on how easy it really is to make a transparent image. 

Next time your students want to add photos to a presentation, direct them over to Clippingmagic and adjust their photos so they work nicer with the flow of the presentation. 


  1. Mike, you find the best stuff! This looks so much easier than cutting an image out using Photoshop. I will definitely use this. BTW, have you seen Aurasma yet? It's an iPad app, but a really cool tool.

  2. That's for the tool tip. I was just playing with Aurasma. It seems like it could be fun, but the Aura's I made didn't do much. I must be doing something wrong. The tutorials don't provide much assistance. Have you used it? Could you offer some tips?