Sunday, April 13, 2014

RedShift - [A computer user tip, not necessarily education related.]

Have you ever been working on your computer at night, and found the screen brightness and color bothersome on your eyes? I use Linux Mint as my primary OS and discovered a fantastic tool called Redshift. All it does is adjust the screen color and temperature with your surroundings. It reduced that eye strain immediately. When it is running, it will auto adjust the screen over time to allow your eyes to acclimate, and theoretically avoid eye strain.  

In linux run this from the terminal 
gtk-redshift -l 42.96:-72.44 -t 6500:3700

-l 42.96:-72.44 is the lat and long for my location 
-t 6500:3700 is the temperature adjustment. Where  6500 is the color temperature of the light from the sun during the day, and 3700 is the color temperature of the average lamp in a room at night. 

This may not be the best educational technology related tool, but as an endorsed Technology Integration Specialist, and a geek who spends a lot of time on a computer, this is a great tool. Being an opensource tool based in Linux, the Windows option for the tool is command line based, and has some bugs. However, it is an eye saver. 

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