Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Tool For PLC's, Teams, and other Educational Collaboration

Here is a very useful tool for schools. I discovered this while clicking around on Google Plus. I was looking at other communities to get a better idea on how to create a community for a PLC, school team, or my department. I stumbled upon this gem; Which made me curious, because I couldn't do anything without it trying to make me sign in. After some clicking and digging on the site I created my own account from here , and set up an interface for my team. 

As I was clicking around the site and becoming more familiar with the tool, it offered so much potential to work as a place for PLC's to communicate, share ideas, documents, files, plan meetings, schedule meetings, and more. It is very similar to a Google Plus community, but it is way easier to navigate, and mange than Google Plus Communities. The interface is pretty clean and well organized. There are various options for searching posts, and categorizing content. It just seems to offer so much potential to gather a team of educators in one virtual location. The layout just seems to flow like an RSS reader instead of a typical social media page. 

The settings as a 'team administrator' are very simple to use. Everything is organized and labeled intuitively, so it is very easy to make changes, add team members, link other apps like Google Drive and Dropbox. The tool just seems to offer so much potential to streamline education teams or PLC's to help foster more effcient meetings and hold on-going conversations. Take a few minutes and make an account and start exploring. It is really worth while. 

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