Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Self Graded Quiz Using Google Forms

You just had your students read an amazing article online, and you want a quick and easy formative assessment to provide instant feedback. You could use a tool like Socrative, but this requires some a lot of pre-planning prior to use. Or you could create a self graded quiz using Google Forms. Here's how:

1) Create a simple multiple choice Google Form. (other types of assessments will work, but there are a few more steps)
2) Once your form is complete create an associated spreadsheet. (Google Forms will walk you through this).
3) Take the quiz to create the answer key.
4) Navigate to your spreadsheet with the recorded answers.
5) Here is the technical part...
Navigate to the responses. Assuming that you answered them all correct.
Click on an empty space after the responses and use the following argument.
which basically means, if the value in the cell you are looking at meets the "than" criteria they earn credit, if it doesn't, they do not get credit.

6) To calculate the entire quiz as one result, just add multiple =IF() formulas together.
This just means that if the answer in cell B3 is 4, add 1, if not add 0; if C3 is the word "Blue" add 1, if not add 0. (For text entries, use quotes to grab the answer exactly how it appears. It is case sensitive, it has to match exactly)
Then they're just added together for a Sum.

Watch this tutorial. (Note: In the tutorial there are only three questions to use as a reference)
In the video each quesiton was worth 1 point. They got 1 point if it was right, and 0 if wrong.
=IF(b3=4,1,0) means if cell b3=4 than give 1 point, if not give 0.


  1. How does the student see their score?

    1. Good question. The way that I share it, is I manually show them, tell them, or create a mini graph that shows the class trend as a whole. I usually only use this for formative assessments, so I don't' record these scores in my grade-book. It's just used as a quick check for me to see if they got it or not. I suppose you could use the mcq scripting with the form to send it back to the individual who filled out the form.

  2. Thanks, I thought that's what you probably did after I posted the comment. I was thinking self grading was immediate feedback. I thought there was a way to get results of surveys, but I may be thinking about another polling app. But it's a great way to do exit tickets!

  3. You're absolutely right, you can get results of the surveys, it may not necessarily be a "grade." You can get a summary to see who answered what. Depending on how you design the form, this could be a useful thing. Especially if you are gathering opinions, like what is your favorite color? If you click Form> show summary of responses you can get a quick graphical view of the responses to the form so far.