Sunday, February 23, 2014

Digital Resources

I recently stumbled upon two great educational resources.

The first is called KnowRe. Which claims “KnowRe is An Adaptive Learning Curriculum for Mathematics, Designed to Provide Students with The Most Personalized and Engaging Learning Experience.” The site provides fantastic learning opportunities in Math and offers unique ways for teachers to provide math curriculum to students. The nice thing about KnowRe is that it provides the teacher with a one-to-one ratio to ensure that the student gains the attention they desire. Obtaining the teachers full attention will ensure success with mathematics.

 The other resource I stumbled upon is inkling. It has a wide variety of digital texts. It offers many current books and textbooks in a digital format, with a built in reader that is easy to navigate. The tool allows the reader to keep custom notes that can be shared with others.  Many materials are free, and the ones that are not, are very reasonably priced for educators and students. I discovered a fantastic Physics book that applies to my Astronomy class, for FREE! 

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