Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Google Talk Office Hours

Many teachers often tell students to contact them if they ever have questions on homework. Some students might send a teacher an email with a question, but there is really no guarantee that the teacher will respond in time for the student to gain the help they need.

Similarly, teachers always have help sessions that run after school for various reasons, and are usually available for any student before and after school. But, how do you make yourself available to those students who can't be there in person? Email can work some of the time, but that real-time interaction is often more beneficial.

With the aid of Google Hangouts, teachers can create Virtual Office Hours to have a discussion with students, show examples, answer questions, and hold conferences. It provides options for video conferencing,  instant messaging, and holding a conversation like a phone call. I was unfortunately out from school for an extended amount of time and Google Hangouts allowed me to remain in contact with my students and offer the assistance as they needed. Creating office hours is a great way to send out yet another way for teachers to help their students.

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