Friday, February 7, 2014

Use Google Drawings as an Interactive Whiteboard

Within the Google Apps environment, there are vast opportunities for collaboration. There are also great ways to enhance student involvement. Here is a quick  activity that allows the students to "drive" the class. Use Google Drawings as an interactive whiteboard! Here's how;

  1. Create a new Drawing
  2. Share the Drawing with your students as editors
  3. Provide devices for students to access the drawing. 
  4. Project the drawing
  5. Allows students to collaborate on the interactive whiteboard. They can draw, add text, share ideas...etc
The same activity could be used as a great interactive "flipped lesson." 

The way I used this recently was to have students work together to draw a single diagram of nuclear fusion in a star, illustrating a simple Deuterium-Deuterium reaction. Here is what they came up with. 

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