Monday, January 27, 2014

Photo Storage For Students and Teachers

    Teachers and students are using more original digital photos and need easy access to those photos to share, and reuse for various educational needs. Students have access to devices like androids, iPhone, and iPad, and teachers have access to the same tools. Teachers love to take photos and share them with parents, as a glimpse into the daily magic. Students enjoy using photos for various projects. So, what tool is best for students to store, access, use, reuse, and share their original work in education?

   My first choice would be Google Plus.   I know that not all schools and students have access to Google Plus, so a very close second would be Instagram. For students to be able to use either of these tools, they need be at least 13 years old. Both tools allow for your device to sync and upload images automatically. Both tools allow for the user to remain the owner of their original work. While Instagram allows you to add hashtags to photos as they upload, to help keep you organized, Google Plus Plus allows to create albums. Both tools allow for access to these photos from most devices that have an internet access. I say most devices, because Instagram only allows you to upload photos from a device that supports apps, like smartphones, and tablets. However, you can view, comment, and share photos from a computer.

   I prefer Google Plus over Instagram, only because it allows you to upload photos from any device, offers some simple photo editing options, allows the user to share the photo, and custom albums, it is easily accessible from a variety of devices, and integrates well with many other online tools.

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