Thursday, January 16, 2014

Google Sites tip for Digital Portfolio's

I prefer to use digital portfolio's as my final exam's  for my science students. It gives them the opportunity to pull work they are proud of and reflect on their learning process, and demonstrate their working knowledge of the content. I had my students using Google Sites to create their portfolio's and we ran into a few hiccups. Students were attempting to embed work from other tools like Prezi, Thinglink, Chronozoom, sliderocket, and other Google Sites. Previously, Google sites allowed users to simply copy the embed code into the html on the page, but it is no longer working. Here is how we got around that issue.
  1. Open your Google site. 
  2. Edit the page where you want to embed your object. 
  3. Click insert >more gadgets

  1. Depending on what you want to embed search for Iframe gadget or Embed gadget. 
  2. Use the Iframe gadget to embed another website into your site
    1. Copy the URL of the site you want to embed
    2. paste the URL in the first box that appears on the Google Gadget. 

  1. Use the Embed gadget to embed another project created with another online tool. 
    1. Navigate to the project you want to embed. (in this example I used prezi) 
    2. Find the Embed code on your project. 
    3. Copy the code
    4. Navigate back to your Google site and paste the code into the box. 
  2.  Once you code is pasted in the gadget, save your page. 
  3. If you are using Google Chrome, a little shield icon will appear in the address bar. 
  4. click the shield and select "load unsafe script."
  5. Viola...your objects are now embedded. 

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