Thursday, January 23, 2014

Activity option in Google Drive

Many Google Drive users have discovered that the Activity option has become more accessible. Here is how it can help you with your students.

If you haven't seen the option yet when you log into your Google Drive there is an icon over to the right with an "i"  that opens the activity window and details.
Click on this button.

This provides updated information about changes to documents, items created or shared with you and in general alerts you to any changes made that pertain to you.

So, how can this be useful with your students? 
Often times students might not share documents with you the exact way you want them too. It can often be tedious to sift through the entire "shared folder" to find the one document that a student shared. The activity window helps you sift through recent changes much easier. It allows you to quickly find recent changes and find those documents shared by students very quickly. Lets face it, as a teacher anything to save time is a bonus. 

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