Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to merge cells in a Google Doc.

Occasionally there is a need to insert a table in a Google Doc. There is a nice easy "insert" option for a simple table. Sometimes, you have the need to be a bit fancy with those tables and want to do things like merge cells and wrap text...etc. Here is where you start bad mouthing Google Docs. In Google Docs defense, Google Sheets is built to do fancy table work and spreadsheet things. However, there is still the occasion where you need a small table with merged cells, so how do you get that to work in Docs?

It's a bit of a round-about way, but it works like a charm.

1) Make your document that requires the Merged Cells table.

2) Make a new Google Drawing. Not just insert a drawing, but create a new Google Drawing from your drive "New" list.

Why a new drawing? The insert option in the doc has limited features, but if you make an entire new "drawing" you have access to more tools and flexibilty.

3) Once you have a new drawing, name the file, and Insert a table.

4) From there you can "right-click" to gain more options, just like you might be familiar with in other word processing programs.

5) Here is the trick. When your table is done or good enough, copy the table from the drawing

6) Once it is copied (use ctrl+c), navigate back to your Doc, and click Insert>Drawing to paste your copied table in the window. Use ctrl+v to paste your "drawing" in the pop-out window.

There you go, you now have a table with merged cells in your doc. If you need to edit the table, you can now use the in doc edit features and still have access to the table options.

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