Thursday, September 11, 2014

Google Classroom Grading Features

Classroom for Google has streamlined my teaching and organized my use of Google drive so incredibly well, that I don't even remember how I was able to maintain order, prior to this tool. Three cool features that I enjoy and my students enjoy are involved with the assignment options of Classroom. I can make an assignment for my students with a deadline complete with a date and time, and have a variety of options for grading, commenting, and returning work.

The "Turn in" feature and "sharing."

The first option that took some students a little bit to get used to is the fact that once they turn in an assignment through google drive, they temporarily lose access to their document. Which is just like if they were to print off the document, and hand it over for a grade. Once it is in the teachers hand, it is what it is, there is no turning back. I really appreciate this feature in the tool, the students are starting to get used to this as well.

Students can also "Turn In" their document directly from their Google Doc.


The "Return" feature

Once a student turns in an assignment they temporarily lose access to edit their document, until the teacher grades and "Returns" the doc. This is a great feature that allows me, the teacher, to look at the students work, provide individualized feedback, provide a grade and return the document back to their control with comments attached. Once the document is returned the student has access again to the document, and also has the option to resubmit. Which is great if you need a student to make revisions.

The Teacher Side

Finally, the teacher side where you can grade, comment, and track submissions is very useful. I can quickly see who has turned in their work on time, grade assignments with feedback, and get it "returned" to students in a timely way. This quick check streamlines a lot of organization and makes grading much easier.

If you haven't tried Classroom for Google yet, take a few minutes and set up a class, you will find yourself wondering how you ever got by with out it, and your students will appreciate the organization of their google drive. 

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