Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Google Keep vs Evernote...

Which do you prefer, Google Keep or Evernote? I'm switching to Google Keep. My hand writing is horrible, and as a result, I use a digital teacher planner. Recently I have been using Evernote as my planner. The interface is friendly, it can organize my notes into "binders," I can find old notes and edit notes to add class reflections. It seemed to work. However, I recently swapped to Google Keep, accidentally. For some reason, the digital world was in one of those moods where all tech was out to get me. The password I thought I had been using for Evernote, suddenly decided to not work anymore. Out of annoyance and a in a pinch for time, I didn't feel like going through the embarrassment of admitting to Evernote that I forgot my password. So, I quickly turned to Keep on my Android and got my planning done.  Now I'm hooked on Keep.  It's not quite as fancy as Evernote, with binders and a fancy sliding interface. But, I am finding that I like Google Keep more than Evernote. Here are 3 reasons why I am making the permanent switch to Keep.

  1. Google Keep creates easy checkboxes that I can project as my class agenda, and check them off as students finish a task. It makes that stagnant whiteboard agenda more engaging and shows the students that we are accomplishing tasks and moving forward. Putting that check there is just a really good feeling. 
  2. Google Keep allows me to copy my notes to Google Drive. In Eevernote I would organize binders to be able to refer back to notes and lesson reflections quite often. With Keep, I can do the same organization, but it all happens in my drive. I use Google Apps obsessively with students, so one stop shopping is very nice. 
  3. The Google Keep interface is wicked simple. I mean, wicked simple. You add a note, you have a few editing options, and it stays there. There are really no major distracting bells and whistles with Keep. It does exactly what it says it does; "Hang on to every thought and find it right when you need it." I can make a note, find it very quickly, and edit it from any device, throw it into Google Drive, and archive notes for later.  
In my transition to Keep I decided to keep the interface very clean, archive notes, and copy everything to drive. I try to keep no more than 5 notes at a time on the screen. I want it to be simple, and easy to find what I need.  Just my like my Linux desktop, clean and simple.

Where do you stand, Google Keep or Evernote

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  1. Evernote. Because of the web-clipper. I frequently save fragments of articles. Like good comments, posts etc.