Saturday, February 21, 2015

Google Forms Limiter add-on

I just ran a mini Google Forms how-to-session for a small group of teachers. I failed to mention this fantastic add-on. So I thought I would post it here and share it with everyone.

The Form Limiter add-on in Google forms allows you to stop collecting responses after a set number or date. Which can be very useful. Especially if you have "wiseguy" students filling out a form. Although, we all know that all of our students are angels and would never submit a form with a fake name...right? On a more serious note, this add-on does help to regulate how long a form is available for responses, and can limit the amount of responses.

Here's how it works...
Once you have the add-on you have two choices to limit your form
1) limit by date and time
2) limit by max number of responses.

If you select the first choice (date adn time) simply include a stop date and time, along with a custom message to the form submitter, and opt in for an email notification as well.

If you choose the second option (max number of responses). Simply enter the max number of responses you want, set a default message to anyone who submits after that number has been met, and opt in for an email notification.

This will help keep some of those unwanted or un-needed responses at bay.

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