Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rubrics With Google Forms

Many teachers use rubrics as a way to rate student performance. They are a great tool to provide feedback to students, as well as provide students with a benchmark before they even start the assessment. With the push to include more technology in the classroom, filling out a rubric with a pen and paper seems a like taking a step backwards. There are some cool tools like Doctopus and Goobric that allow a rubric to be attached to an assignment, and it works through Google classroom, but sometimes it just doesn't work the way you want. I've run into issues with these scripts many times, to only find myself ditching the technology for pen and paper. Here is a fail-safe approach to digitizing your rubric.

Use Google Forms!

I know it's old news, but it is a solid solution that works, all the time.  Here is how:

  1. Create a Google Form
  2. Name the form something that is related to the assignment
  3. Insert a text question "name"
  4. insert a grid question,
  5. fill the 'row" selection with your criteria
  6. Fill the "column" section with your scale
  7. insert a "paragraph question" called comments
  8. publish and done. 

Now wasn't' that simple? 

Depending on how you set up your rubric, you could even set up an auto-grade function with an add-on, or write a short equation to auto-grade for you. Here's how.

One way, that doesn't always work the way you want, but sometimes fits the bill;
  1. use Flubaroo
  2. Go to the form spreadsheet
  3. click add-ons
  4. install Flubaroo

The other way that is just as easy. (maybe easier) 
 (this depends on how you are grading your rubric. This equation assumes it is out of 100%) 

  1. insert this equation into the column where you want your totals
  2. =(Sum(C2,D2,E2,F2)/20)*100

  1. If your rubric is using text instead of number use this equation
=if(right(B3)="!",4, if(right(C3)="!",3, if(right(D3)="!",2, if(right(E3)="!",1,0))))

Where "!" is the text you have in your form and the number 4,3,2,or 1 is the value you wan't it to associate with. 

(If you want to use these formulas and need more assistance, send me an email, I will be glad to help)

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