Thursday, October 16, 2014

Online Photoshop

I know I'm a bit behind the times with this post, but I just stumbled across this at a useful moment. Photoshop now offers an online editing tool.  If you are using a device like a Chromebook and have the need to edit photo's and have found other online tools to be lacking in some way shape or form, you can now use photoshop online to make those quick fixes. The tool allows you to upload a photo, have access to the popular photoshop tools, make changes to your photo,  then download the "fixed" image back to your device. It doesn't require anything except access to the internet, a picture to upload, and a place to save it when you finish your edits.

I found the online editor to run very quick, and offer some great tools to edit photos. There are some limitations to the file size and formats you can use. The tool wants a file no bigger than 16 megapixels and in JPEG, JPG,  or JPE formats. However small these limitations are, they are expected for a free online tool.

Once your image is loaded, you have a wide variety of tools to adjust your photos. Most of these options are just like the actual Photoshop, where there are auto presets to help guide you through  fixing of your image. Again, being a free online service there are limitations to your creativity, and customization. The tool only gives you access to presets that perform "auto adjustments." If you are using this for simple quick fixes, it is a fantastic tool. Let's face it, if you had some serious edits to do, you would purchase the software.

When you finish your edits, you are prompted to download your fixed image. I haven't found any cloud storage yet, even with an adobe account, there is no obvious, free, option to allow you to save your work to the cloud. However, you can still download your creation to your device to be able to archive to your favorite cloud tool.

If you are familiar with photoshop, and have the need for very quick photo edits, with easy presets, then give this new tool a try. It's free, and it's photoshop.

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