Thursday, October 3, 2013


     Penzu may not be a great tool for a PE teacher, but might be a great tool for English teachers. The trick is to find tools that appeal to just about everyone in the audience. With the millions of tools available to educators, it is difficult to find the one tool that will spark motivation. The tech integrator needs to learn how to model appropriate classroom use of a tool, and demonstrate how it can enhance the curriculum (Cofino, 2010). During technology training or presentations, the tech integrator needs to share, model, and have teachers use appropriate tools for the audience.

The push for using more technology in the classroom, and using it efficiently has increased over the last few years. Some teachers were able to make that adjustment and were successful taking on the challenge of finding tools that fit into their teaching style and meshed with the curriculum. However, the expectation is that all teachers use technology in their class, they use it well, and the evolution to include more should be seamless. There are varying abilities and comfort levels when using technology in education. Some teachers require more assistance and training than others. When a teacher can have a concrete connection to the tool, and really find the value in how the tool can enhance their curriculum, they will be more motivated to learn how to use and implement the tools.

     Another way that would be appropriate to spark motivation would be for the technology integrator to truly embrace differentiated instruction to provide opportunities for all abilities, interests, and be able to draw upon experience and knowledge. To be able to provide to all teachers, the technology integrator would need appropriate pre and post assessments of training opportunities. Knowing where teachers are with technology before might help to choose and provide opportunities to use tools that are easy to learn and can enhance the curriculum. Gaining the post data would help inform the tech integrator about the quality of training and discover what worked well and what did not. Many teachers balk at the idea of technology training. This hesitation can manifest from a variety reasons, the important thing is to know what teachers want to do, and use their time efficiently and effectively so they are motivated to use the tools they've learned and provide students the chance to discover how technology can help them engage in the content.

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  1. Yes, I think that is a great idea. Try to find tools that would appeal to all users first and show them the benefits to the students, and themselves! Keeping track of what teachers already know and what they want to know is an important tool when it comes to professional development training.

  2. I agree, the tool selected must match the task, the content area, and also the skill level and even the personality of the teacher using it. Tech integrators need to be able to look at all of these things when making recommendations. Great post!