Sunday, September 22, 2013

Project Your Android in The Classroom!

With the increasing availability of technology in the classroom, students are more likely to be using hand held devices for educational purposes. Here is a brief tutorial about how to project your android in your classroom. I've only tested and used this with Windows 7.

  1. Follow the directions provided here
    Image retrieved from
  2. Set your android to allow for USB Debugging. On older androids go to settings-applications-development. On newer androids it is hidden. To find it go to settings-about phone -build number. Than tap build number 7 times really fast. A popup should appear telling you "congratulations you've unlocked the hidden menus," or something like that. 
Once it is running, you should see your android screen on your computer, which you can project for your students. It is similar to how you might project a TI graphing calculator in a math class. It comes in handy when teaching students how to use their phones for more than gossiping to friends. 


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